Moving on up, to the East Side (of the Bay)

A few months ago, and about four months into the house sale/purchase drama we’ve been dealing with essentially since I found out I was pregnant, we found out that our buyer had been declined for her second loan application. Upon hearing the news that our sale was delayed again, Lee turned to me and said, “This isn’t how things work for the Springers, Leah! We make rash decisions without thinking them through and everything falls into place nicely!” He’s so right. And yet, it took two buyers, three loan applications, and four months to close on our house sale. We made offers on five houses before we had one accepted (actually, we had two counters, one outright rejection, and two accepted, but we walked away from the first house after the inspection). Our (adjusted) goal was to be settled into a new home by 11/11, when I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant. We’re moving tomorrow. That’s 11/10. Which, technically, is right on time, and in the end it all worked out, except, wow. Now I know why they say buying a house can be one of the most stressful experiences in your life (along with, you know, having a baby). And the whole time, with every hiccup we encountered, I just kept trying to tell myself, “everything happens for a reason, everything happens for a reason…” as if that mantra would help it all make more sense than it did in those moments, when it felt like the universe was just not aligning for us in the way that it usually does.

First, I said “I’ll never leave San Francisco! I didn’t move from Connecticut to California to live in the East Bay.” Then, when we quickly discovered that a 3/2 in SF really means a 2/1 with an illegal in-law (and that it also meant a million $ + listing for a fixer-upper), I said, “Fine…but I don’t want to live in Oakland. They can’t even afford police in Oakland (true story)!” Then, when the house we made an offer on in Oakland, for one hundred thousand dollars over asking, countered asking for $50k more, I said, “Fine, but I don’t want to live further out than Oakland. I’ve never even heard of Castro Valley!” Then, when we realized we were also priced out of El Cerrito (one counter and one outright rejection later), we took a weekend to look in Castro Valley and saw four houses within our budget. We were pulling up to one of them when Lee said, “I think I’d like to live in a Mediterranean” and lo and behold, there it was in front of us! A huge, sprawling Mediterranean with a stucco roof, lovely tiling, and olive trees in the front yard. It was perfect! It was our dream home, and our offer was accepted! Until we realized that what we had signed up for was terracing a backyard that was essentially an enormous hill…and a kitchen that needed gutting…and black mold in the walls. So, back to square one. Again.

In the end, our house sale took so long that we ended up finding the perfect (really, this time) house for us – a four bedroom, three bath Cape Cod with enough space for a playroom, family room, guest room, and home office; with a flat, spacious backyard full of fruit trees and a vegetable garden; with a bedroom for each of the girls where they can set up reading nooks near the windows; within walking distance from the neighborhood elementary school and a 2-mile bike ride from BART. We finally found our dream home, after the most stressful back and forth, selling and buying and loan approval process I for one have ever experienced (okay, I only have an N of 2 in terms of home buyership, but still). I am so excited for when the movers come tomorrow (in part because we were supposed to move last Thursday but got delayed again, so we’ve been living among packed boxes for five days) because it means that finally, finally, we will be in our new home, the home where baby #2 will be born and where we’ll raise our kids and grow old(er) together and where we’ll sit in the backyard on warm nights sipping wine and talking about how effing lucky we are that it all eventually worked out just the way it was supposed to.

Moving to the East Bay was not something I expected to be amenable to, let alone excited for. San Francisco is such a transient city that I never thought about leaving unless we were leaving-leaving; really leaving, leaving for somewhere outside the Bay. Instead, we’re moving to the suburbs, and if you had told me two years ago that this is where my life would take me I would have been so surprised (we’re becoming bridge and tunnel, really?).  But the more Lee and I talked about the way we grew up, the more we realized what we want for our daughters. Molly and her sister are going to grow up in a safe space with great schools and still have all the access to what makes the Bay Area so amazing that we have enjoyed for the past ten years. They’ll get to play outside and we won’t have to worry about their safety. We can take BART to the city on the weekends, and tour the museums and the parks and everything we love about San Francisco. And then we can go home, to a place that reminds me very much of the town where I grew up, and we can live our lives in our quiet, safe, sleepy little town, and maybe, just maybe, this whole stressful, dramatic, drawn-out, down-to-the-wire experience, has shown us that everything really does work out the way it’s meant to, in the end.


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The XX

I was going to start this post in usual fashion with some exclamation of how this month has been crazier than every month before it but I realized doing so has become incredibly repetitive. So instead a large gallery of photos with captions to capture the fun of Molly’s 20th month.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.10.18 PM

An impromptu trip up to Fort Bragg and the historic Skunk Train. For being roughly 4 hours of pretty slow train riding, she enjoyed herself.


Halloween happened, which means you take your toddler to a pumpkin patch and of course you rock your sunnies.


Selfies on the hay ride through Spina Farms pumpkin patch, grumpy cat came begrudgingly.


You like selfies dad? Let me show you how it’s done!


A moment of interest while most likely watching a video rendition of “Wheels on the Bus”, which Molly now knows pretty much all the lyrics to including British stanzas I have never heard.


Playing on Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. Of particular fascination…. mussel shells.


I get a text from Leah, “Took Molly to the Childrens’ Museum,” followed by, “Started at the bubble station…rookie mistake.” Molly left the museum with a new outfit.


Halloween! Rocking matching Waldo outfits with Josi. Molly quickly learned the arts of Trick O’ Treating and made out like a bandit with roughly her weight in lollipops.


Costume check. Cuteness confirmed.


A tail!?!!?!


Taking a break from singing “ABCs” to practice new form of pouting.


Given a huge playground, of course our little one scales the 3 story slide complex designed for much older children.


Checking out our new suburban digs. We’re moving to a single family palace!


Sticker love!!!! Put them on things, take them off things, put them back on things!!!! All day long!!!!


After many warnings about jumping on the couch, we went flying off the couch and earned a new badge.


Taking Stuart Little out for a drive!


20 months old and happier than ever!

19 Months!

2014-10-03 10.32.50-1

Oh man, where do I even start?! This past month has been epic. Epic! The most amazing parts, off the top of my head:

Singing! So much singing. Molly can sing along with the Alphabet song (“ABC’s”); Wheels on the Bus (“Da Bus!”) Itsy Bitsy Spider (“Isy Bisy”); Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes (She’s got all those words down pat); Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (“Star”); and Old MacDonald (“EIEIO”). Like, actual words peppered throughout the song – in tune! We know what she wants to sing and act out because she makes requests. My personal favorite is watching her make the signs and sing along to Itsy Bitsy Spider, but it really blows my mind when she sings the alphabet.

2014-09-06 10.38.46-2

“Mama’s hat”

2014-09-08 02.18.45

What a ham!

2014-09-09 03.33.47

Happy girl

2014-09-10 09.28.57

Ice cream

2014-09-15 18.07.49

Hummus. Her father’s daughter.

Bed! Okay, so, I read an article about how switching to a “big kid bed” could be a huge transition for kids, and with allll the other changes coming up shortly (future blog post coming, when details have settled a bit) I was in no hurry to transition her. But, our girl decided differently. Ever since we got home from our trip back east, she has basically been putting herself to bed – no crying, no fussing – and started trying to climb into bed at night. She would also get upset if one of her animals had fallen out or was in the crib and she couldn’t get to it, so we decided to give the toddler bed a try and see how it went. Well, the very first night, Molly climbed right in, and thunk – asleep! Not a peep. It’s been about a week now and the new routine is PJs, brush teeth, stories, and then, okay, Molly, bedtime! As long as she has all the right animals and a cup of water, she literally puts herself to bed (burrowed in a multitude of stuffed animals). It is amazing. And the best part is, when she wakes up from a nap or in the morning, we’ve started leaving her door open and she comes right out and greets us, a cat tucked under each arm, saying, Hello Mama! Hello Dada! Seriously awesome.

2014-09-30 21.54.04

Toddler bed: night 1

2014-10-01 07.53.18

She woke up happy!

Cats! Speaking of cats (of the non-stuffed variety), after four months of keeping a loving and watchful eye on them, our friends Sophia and Jon left for a 3-week trip and we all decided it was best to bring our cats home. Again, I was worried about transitions, and knowing cats are creatures of habit, was thinking that it would be a lot for them to move home and then move again (also, this whole moving process was not supposed to take this long – but that’s another post for another day). Anyway, the cats came home, and are completely happy to be here (I mean, as happy as cats ever are about anything – content, at least) – but Molly is so happy they’re home. Every single time she sees one she runs, arms outstretched, chasing them around the house, saying, “Niiiiice, kitty.” They are not her biggest fans and Molly gets her feelings hurt once in awhile, but I keep telling them all that in another year or two they’re all going to be best of friends. Anyway, it’s nice to have the furbabies back home and it’s hilarious watching Molly chase after them.

2014-10-01 16.28.13

“Mama’s shoes”

Partys! My Nana (Molly’s G’Nana) turned 95 on September 30th and last weekend, my mom and stepdad hosted a big party for her. It’s always amazing to see Molly interact with my Nana, and every time they’re together I think how lucky we all are that they have met. Nana currently has four great grandchildren and another on the way, which is just incredible. My sister and mom changed the words of the song “When I’m 64″ to “When I’m 95″ and my stepdad, Simon, Lee, Dan, and our cousin Noah had a band set up with the whole room singing to her (followed by Wheels on the Bus because, of course), and it was so sweet. The party was super fun (although Molly was a little overwhelmed by all the people and kept searching out familiar faces) and Molly got a chance to hang out with her cousin Justin, who is just about exactly a year older than her. I don’t often get a chance to watch her around other kids so it was really fun to see them interact.

2014-09-27 15.40.32

Four generations of crazy bananas

2014-09-27 15.41.28

My ladies

2014-09-27 15.45.56

Our family, coming soon to a holiday card near you.

2014-09-27 16.23.57-2

Me and my girl, and her cat.

2014-09-28 10.37.02-1

Molly loves her Aunt Cheese

And speaking of cousins, Molly has a brand new one! Kayden Bernie, born on 9/10. I can’t believe Molly was ever that small…

At Molly’s 18-month appointment last week (she was technically 18 months and 30 days, so we were sort of almost on time!) her pediatrician said she was developmentally off-the-charts, which, I mean, yes. Apparently 18 month olds are supposed to have like 10 words? Lee thinks she has close to 100. She knows all her major body parts, animals, colors, a bunch of prepositions (our favorite is “outside!), verbs (“hop hop hop”), food, and on and on, including some randoms (moustache! applesauce!) and a bunch of Portuguese thrown in for good measure. Of course, as her pediatrician was telling us that she’s advanced, Molly was climbing backwards up the exam table like a little monkey and flinging herself down, prompting me to say, if she falls and breaks a bone at your office, does it count? She is a little parrot, repeating everything we say (swear jar has been started), or at least trying to. It’s like all of a sudden she’s gone from a cute, funny toddler to a person. This age is so fascinating and exciting and I’m trying to simultaneously encourage her and capture every moment, because it’s right, what they say about parenthood – it just goes by too fast.

2014-09-16 13.41.40


(Just a few) other snaps from the month:

2014-09-08 03.16.15

I kiss her cheeks a lot

2014-09-30 19.49.32

New books…she can say “big sister”

2014-09-24 18.15.30

Not in the mood, Mama.

2014-09-30 10.44.54-2

Pumpkin picking with Josi

2014-09-30 10.44.53-2

Two pumpkins in a pod (patch?)

2014-09-20 15.23.29

Family trip to Yosemite! Forgot to write about this…oh well.

2014-09-21 11.05.58

Molly was unimpressed when we told her we had hiked Half Dome.

2014-09-20 18.10.27

“Big tree!”

2014-09-21 11.30.52

Hiking in Yosemite

18 Month Post

18 months! I know I say this every month but this past one has really been my favorite stage. Molly is on the brink of some major cognitive development because she comes up with 2-3 new words every day, tiptoes forwards and backwards, hops like a bunny, counts 1-2-3 and knows a mind-blowing number of letters. She has also started stringing words together to make simple sentences (“Up, Mama,” “round and round,” “all through the town,” and the particularly cringe-worthy – yet impressive – “No Book! Watch Elmo!”), makes up games to play (tonight it was 1-2-3, fling yourself onto a pile of pillows), and she sings! She sings la-la-la-la-la and looks to me and I put words to the la-la-la’s and the two of us are just a regular jam band. I am constantly singing to myself so the fact that she has picked up this trait is beyond delightful to me (I’m sure Lee feels just as happy to have two crazies singing to themselves all the time). She says “I love you tooooooo” and when I say, Molly, who loves you? She whispers “Mama” and gives me a big grin. How right you are, my sweet girl. How right you are.

Another interesting and timely development this month has been Molly’s sudden affinity for all things baby.  She now owns more stuffed animals than I can count, including four dolls (and one pink penguin…not my doing, but you can’t win them all), one of which she has named Mimi (short for Menina, which is Portuguese for girl), and at least two of which are tucked under her arm at any given moment. After she pointed to the printed sonogram photo on our fridge and asked “this?” I told her, “That’s going to be your baby sister. She’s growing in my belly.” Molly responded by patting my belly and saying “baby!” I don’t think she can fully comprehend pregnancy (I mean, I don’t even fully comprehend pregnancy, and I’m almost 32) but she is (not always, but) often a bit cautious of my belly, these days. I think suddenly wanting baby dolls is more of a developmental stage than anticipation of the baby coming, but it’s still nice to see her be gentle and give her baby dolls hugs and kisses.

We have packed so much into this month, including a visit with cousins Linda, Nina, Zach, and Kyle, a trip to see Nana Sandy, Grand-Nana Ruth, and Grandpa Erling, and our annual, epic, whirlwind of a college reunion trip back east, where we even got to see Susie & Rich, Tyler, Liz, and Sebastian on a last-minute detour. This year we rented two houses in upstate New York, since we decided that it wasn’t really fair of us to pack 14 adults and 7 children into Kristin and Mike’s house. The houses were right next to each other and had a huge yard, tennis court, and a pool, which was perfect for all the kids and adults. Every year there are more and more kids and every year Labor Day is one of my best weekends. There is just something so special about spending time doing nothing except for laughing, eating, and catching up with old friends – and watching our kids run around together makes me feel all the feels. Old friends really are the best friends.

We also currently have Papa Marc and Nana Laurie (formerly known as Glamma before Molly decided no, she is in fact Nana) in town, where they are acting as our nannies du jour while Josi is away on vacation for the week. Today is day four of their visit but day two of being full-time caregivers and as much fun as everyone is having, they did seem a bit tired tonight…perhaps a vacation from this vacation is in order!

Snaps from this month:

2014-09-03 19.07.13-2

Toddlerhood is exhausting.

2014-09-03 10.48.23

Air travel is also exhausting.

2014-09-02 19.52.06

Storytime with Auntie Mattea

2014-09-02 17.06.16-3

Driving in cars with boys

2014-09-02 05.58.15


2014-09-02 10.44.38

Pool time!

2014-08-31 18.58.34

Lee looks *very* comfortable with two girls :)

2014-08-28 11.40.05

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.

2014-08-25 10.00.02

Saying, “Whee!”

2014-08-24 08.54.58

I feel you, girl.

2014-08-23 12.30.03-1

Petting a starfish!

2014-08-19 11.02.00

Epic fish impersonation.

2014-08-17 11.51.21

Party time

2014-08-11 19.32.44

Fun with cousin Zach


Chooch and Mooch


All the babies!


Molly and Connor comparing the terroir of their milk


Best friends. Babies. Babies of best friends. Best.

2014-09-01 11.24.49

Sian’s boys love Molly and she loves them right back!


17 months

Welp, we have a toddler on our hands – and let me tell you, there are no emotions like those of a 17-month old. The other night Lee took grumpy cat away from Molly so she wouldn’t get dinner on him and the look of combined rage and anguish on her face is not one I’ll soon forget.  In what was not my proudest moment of parenting, I giggled at her for about ten minutes as she wailed, tears running down her face, even after Lee gave her back grumpy cat; even after he explained why he had taken him away in the first place; even after he picked her up, put her down, and picked her back up again; even as I held her and rocked her to calm us both down. Sometimes, when your 17-month old is screaming bloody murder and can’t communicate why exactly she’s so upset, you just have to laugh.

2014-08-03 09.37.56

So many emotions!

Even if she is getting slightly more, shall we say, expressive, Molly continues to be the funniest, sweetest, smartest and most interesting little girl I’ve ever met. She is super affectionate, giving big hugs and kisses and very fondly calling her Aunt Jodie “Cheese!” with a big smile on her face. She’s added about a dozen new words to her repertoire (hands, toes, knees, belly, whale, blue, bow, bowl, ball, bubble, Bibi, purple, shoes, I could go on) in the past few weeks alone, and now says “bye bye” in addition to “hello!” She’s so smart. She blows my mind every day with how smart she is. And so strong. She swings from the monkey bars, climbs up and down stairs, and has a leech-like grip when she’s giving you a hug. And so stubborn. Even now, Lee is in her room with her because she knows that if she says “Dada” in her most pitiful voice he’ll go snuggle her until she falls asleep (Aunt Jodie may have spoiled her there).

2014-07-14 08.27.45-2

Books. So many books.


2014-07-15 11.23.49

My strong girl

2014-07-18 09.17.16


2014-07-18 16.50.26

Who needs a safety swing?

2014-07-19 09.30.32

True story!

2014-07-27 18.54.59

Food shopping, as one does.

2014-07-21 12.00.55

Party girl

Speaking of Aunt Jodie, this month she and Molly got to spend some extra special time together! I had to go to LA for work during the same week that Jodie was planning a visit, so the two of us flew her down to LA while Lee drove (and drove, and drove) our car to meet us there. The two of them spent lots of time at the pool, went to the zoo, the children’s museum, and got lots (emphasis on LOTS) of new clothes (for Molly, that is. Jodie just bought about 13 pairs of sunglasses over the course of the trip).


Selfie on the plane

2014-07-23 12.49.32

At the zoo

2014-07-23 16.17.42

Pool time

2014-07-23 17.07.32

Young Hollywood

2014-07-23 18.46.34

I mean, Molly’s face kind of makes this picture.

2014-07-24 10.14.21

I don’t see it often, but she’s my spitting image when she makes this face.

2014-07-24 11.02.42


After a few days, we left LA and drove up to SLO for more family time with Nana, Grandpa, and Grand-Nana.  There was piano playing, park time, neighborhood walks, mahjong, tomatoes picked fresh from the garden, and family story time. Molly had such a fun vacation and is a very lucky girl to have so many people in her life who love her so (and may spoil her just a little)!

2014-07-25 11.52.41-1

On a walk with Nana and Grandpa. Molly saw a “beware of mountain lion” sign and immediately got her field guide from the zoo.

2014-07-25 19.09.19

Tomatoes picked fresh from the garden!

2014-07-26 20.05.39

Story time with Aunt Cheese! and G’Nana

Mahjong. Starting her young.

Mahjong. Starting her young.


Her first concerto

When it comes down to it, toddlerhood may be a little more challenging than infancy, but every day, we get hugs and kisses, we get belly laughs, we get so much love, and these moments make up for all of the thrown cups, the tears, the NO NO NO (“não não não”, in Portuguese) – they make up for anything, really. These moments are what makes Molly her brilliant, strong, beautiful self, and what make Lee and I the two luckiest people in the world to be her parents.

2014-07-27 19.44.24-1

2014-07-31 18.20.18



Dezesseis Meses

World Cup fever has come and gone in our household as Molly became Brazil’s biggest fan (after Josie, and after Ulisses, and after a whole bunch of people in Brazil). She was great luck until Brazil had its epic meltdown during Molly’s nap, a clear sign that she was having a bad dream.


Much like Molly Ringwald in “Sixteen Candles,”* our Molly at Sixteen Months is experiencing a new found sea of emotions around growing up. We’ve seen her have attachments.


We’ve seen her get emotional and well up with tears over random things such as “Twinkle Star & Owl” (thanks for finding that out Leah). We’ve seen her showcase her will, usually defiantly.

It’s really amazing to see how much changes in a short month. Between garbled sentences of gibberish there are clear enunciations of HAT, HEAD, TOES, CAT, and BALL. This along with previously mastered HELLO, UP, and APPLE and we’ve got a good communication framework going here, even to the point that we talk about our wishes together.


There have been epic “Flashdance“** parties.



There has been some pretty serious coffee talk.


Even though Molly seems to be entering (e.g. already in) a full-on Mama phase, it’s amazing to watch how fast things change in 4 weeks. I’m expecting a thesis by month 18.

* I fully pat myself on the back for the Molly -> Molly and 16 Candles -> 16 Months reference here. If I’ve learned anything it’s that I can apply the 80s to everything.

** 80s again!

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“She wept when they gave birth to daughters, knowing that to be born a woman meant a life of humble hardship.”

-Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Bullshit, I thought, the first and second and seventeenth and thirtieth time I read the above passage. There’s nothing humble about being a woman. Women are fierce and strong and powerful and can do anything men can do. My parents raised my sister and me to believe this truth, and we married men who believe this truth, and there’s nothing harder or more humbling about being a woman than a man. Maybe in the past; maybe in turn-of-the-20th-century Brooklyn, but not in my lifetime. There’s nothing to fear, having daughters, today.

And yet.

When the ultrasound tech said “it’s a girl” and I said out loud “I KNEW it!” and Lee and I smiled at each other with joy in our eyes, a very quiet voice in my head said to a very small ear tucked into the corner of my heart, “oh.” And that oh bore all of the weight of the universe, contained in the knowledge that I was going to have another girl, and no matter how far we’ve come in equality and feminism and fairness, this girl, this some-day woman, is still going to be born female, and we’ll have not just one but two daughters, and this knowledge puts a weight on my heart that I need to write about.

The honest to God truth is, we live in a world full of men who hate women; of men who think that women are theirs to possess and own and do with what they please, and yes, this happens in America too. We live in a country where Molly and her sister are going to be (and Molly is already) faced with an onslaught of messaging about their looks and their bodies and their weight that can lead even the most confident girls down a path of at best self-doubt and at worst self-harm. We live in a city that is better than most in terms of equality and equity, but where there is still overt sexism allowed, all the time, even here.

Sian says from the day your baby is born a piece of your heart lives outside of your body forever. And now there will be another one – another girl – another daughter – and a part of me thinks, well, if Lee and I and do our job right maybe they’ll band together to create a protective shell around themselves so that all the messaging out there will deflect off of them and they’ll grow into adulthood unscathed, and meet the right kind of partners, and have babies of their own and if those babies are girls then maybe, just maybe, they’ll worry a little less than I do.

And yet.

I walk down the toy aisles at Target and I can’t understand why the girl toys are all pink and the boy toys are all blue. I resisted telling people the gender the first time around because I was wary of the pink clothes, the “Daddy’s Little Princess,” the “Math is Hard“, the multitude of dolls (however, to give credit to the amazing people in our and her lives, we have gotten exactly zero gifts that have made me think, oh no, I won’t be giving her that). I automatically respond with “and smart and strong” when a stranger tells me how beautiful Molly is. She is beautiful, without a doubt. She is so beautiful that sometimes looking at her makes my breath catch in my throat. I so want her to know that she’s beautiful, to instill in her the confidence to look all those negative messages out there about women and girls in the face and, like her mama does, call Bullshit. I just don’t want her to believe that her beauty is where her value lies; and I fear her growing up to believe that her beauty overshadows, or should overshadow, her other qualities.

So there will be two. And Lee and I, and our friends and our families, will try our very best to create safety nets for our girls, to instill in them the belief that they can do anything, be anything; that there are no limits as long as they are willing to work hard enough. We’ll read them stories about strong girls and amazing women and tell them cool things about math and science and engineering. We’ll let them play with dolls and trucks and draw and paint and cook and climb trees and learn about whatever they are interested in. We’ll tell them that they can love whomever they love as long as that person treats them with respect and kindness. We’ll let them know that the only types of princesses we expect them to be are warrior princesses. We’ll tell them they’re beautiful and smart and strong every day. We’ll try our hardest to pick them up when they fall; to cast away the shadows of self-doubt and insecurity and hurt, and if we try really, really hard, maybe they’ll grow up believing in themselves; believing that women are equal; calling bullshit on all the media and the misogyny and the messaging because they know what’s what.

And yet.

My heart. A piece of it lives outside of me now, and in 5 months another piece of it is going to leave my body, and I worry. I worry for my girls. I worry for my daughters. I worry for the women they’ll be, some day. My heart aches and I’m burdened with the weight of it – this humbling hardship of womanhood.



The Post About Gender (*Spoiler Alert*)

15 months!

I’m writing this post while camped out at my cousin’s house, since Molly is napping and our house is currently being shown. Also, my current view is laptop and belly:

Second pregnancies. So much belly so quickly.

Second pregnancies. So much belly, so quickly.

Anyway, on to Molly, our little sponge. Here’s an example of life with MJ this month: we were back east visiting my friend Matt and he asked, “does Molly know any animal noises yet?” Ooh, does she ever. The next 15 minutes consisted of “Molly, what does a dog say?” (“bow wow wow”), what does a cat say?” (“merow”), “what does a snake say?” (“ssssssssss”), and on and on and on (including cows, monkeys, faces for pigs and fish, elephants, and sheep), followed by “what does a car do?” (“vroom, vroom”), and “where’s your nose?” And where are your eyes? And where’s your head?  And now in Portuguese, cade sua boca? cade sua nariz? cade sua cabeça?

Girl is brilliant.

Everything is still very much pointing to “this? this?” because she wants to know what everything is. She’s very curious about the world around her and picks up new nouns almost immediately. She has also been enhancing her vocab – apple (and randomly, applesauce), fish, horse, again, no (that is, no no no no while vehemently shaking her head), yes, ball, all done, Elmo, and, maybe just once, Josi! We are trying (and failing) to be really careful to watch our language around her, now that she is picking up words so quickly. The first time she drops an F bomb I’m totally blaming Lee.

The highlight of the month was a trip back east to see best friends, babies, and Ulisses!  Unfortunately MJ ended the trip by getting the worst cold of her short life, which left her lethargic for days.

So sleepy

2014-04-29 18.27.34

Trust me, I’m tired too.

But otherwise, the trip was so fun. There were SO many babies and I really do think that there’s something extra special about meeting the babies of college friends; friends who you’ve grown up with and shared incredible experiences with and now you get to meet their children and watch your kids and theirs interact. When I wasn’t squealing with joy and taking 1,000 pictures I was basically choking back happy tears.  First up, Lilly!  Matt and Amanda’s daughter is the cutest 5-month old and unfortunately I don’t seem to have any pictures of her (probably because Molly was *not* having either Lee or me holding her for one minute. I thought she was too young for jealousy) so you’ll have to settle for her playing in a sprinkler with other kids. And yes, she was naked. California kid, what can I say?


Oh, and she also experienced her first boat ride! Followed immediately by her first popcorn. Not sure which she was more enthusiastic about but likely the popcorn.


I’m on a boat!

Post ride snack

Post ride snack

Next up, Sian and Jimmy and their three kids, James, Charlie, and Francesca! I was especially excited to meet Francesca since she and Molly are exactly two months apart and I was so curious to see what I had to look forward to come July (babies change quickly!). Molly had an absolutely fantastic time with all of the kids and they loved her right back!

photo 5

James and Molly

photo 4

Jimmy with the girls

photo 2 (1)

Bath time!

photo 1 (1)

I think Charlie wins the “who does Molly have the biggest crush on?” contest

photo 3

Already up to trouble, these two ;)


Best babies!

And then, after a whirlwind day at the Baltimore Zoo and lots of fun with babies, we got to see Ulisses! And meet his mama!! And his nana and aunt – so basically we didn’t see Molly once we got to his house :)


Best buds


Familia brasileira de Molly

Familia brasileira de Molly


Still the best manny ever <3

Even with the dire illness, it was a great trip and we are so lucky to have all of these fantastic people in our lives.  All of them. The best.

Some other snaps from this month:  kicking it with Josi, Sesame Street Live, and general MJ awesomeness.

photo 1 (5)

Air travel. Fun for everyone.

photo 3 (3)

Water baby

photo 5 (3)

Checking out the elephants at the Baltimore Zoo

photo 1 (2)

I will hug and kiss this pole.

photo 3 (2)

Sesame Street Live. Obviously Lee is the most excited.


Being fierce with Josi



photo 1 (4)

Pigtails! Thanks to Auntie Sian

photo 4 (3)

Say cheese!

photo 1 (3)

All smiles

photo 4 (2)

Oversize sunnies, very Hollywood

photo 5 (2)

Ball pit action shot


A Pause Between Changes. One Might Even Call it a Pregnant Pause, if One Were so Inclined.

“We make plans, and God laughs.”

So says my dad, via Woody Allen, via an old Yiddish proverb.

We had plans.

The plan was for Lee and I to start trying for our second baby next summer, during our fabulous 10-year wedding anniversary vacation which was going to be a river cruise from Bucharest to Budapest. That plan would have put Molly and her sibling at 3+ years apart, which, we decided, was a great age gap.

The plan was for us to pay down our mortgage for another year or two and then sell and move to a bigger place, once the second baby came along.

The plan was for Molly to be a big cousin before she was a big sister.

The plan was for me to be in my new job for more than a year and 1/2 (minus a maternity leave); to spend some time focusing on finding and maintaining the balance between having a career and having a family.

The plan was for Lee’s business to really take off before we made any major life changes.

The plan was to give us some more time; time with Molly and time with each other, to continue to navigate this rocky road of introducing a third person into our family and onto our team.

We had plans.

And then, just a few days after Molly’s very first birthday, all the plans stood still.  And I swear to you, when I looked at that pregnancy test, locked in a stall in the Ferry Building, that I heard a chuckle, from somewhere up there in the heavens, along with a voice that sounded unquestionably like it was saying “so much for your plans, you sweet, innocent idiot.”

We tried so hard for Molly. We tried for almost two years before I got pregnant. We tried and tried and I remember having this same feeling, that I had no control; that what was going to happen was going to happen no matter how hard I willed it or wanted it.

I should have learned then, that planning is all well and good until life unfolds the way it’s going to anyway.

These days, our plans are logistical – what will we do with the cats while our house is on the market? Who can babysit Molly during open house time, which is also her nap time? How are we ever going to come up with enough money to cover moving costs, let alone a down payment, let alone taxes on a bigger house, let alone childcare for two kids? What neighborhood do we want to live in (and where can we afford)? Is a backyard or a third bedroom more important to us?

And then there is the bigger question: How are we going to manage with two kids under two? What’s our plan?

We have until mid-November to come up with, if not a plan, at least a map. And it will undoubtedly be a map peppered with twists and turns and roadblocks and hurdles because that’s the beauty and the terribleness of living, isn’t it?

Lee and I are lucky – so lucky – to be bringing a second life into the world. We’re giving Molly a sibling, a little brother or sister whom she’ll never remember what life was like not knowing. And we’re so, so, so very blessed by that. So unbelievably blessed that sometimes I can’t believe it, because it all feels so random and doesn’t make any sense and why? Why us? Why now? This pregnancy was not in the plans!

And when I find myself caught in this spiralling line of questioning, it’s then that I hear that voice again, that booming, resonating voice, saying, “quiet, child…you’re not the one calling the shots here, after all.”


2014-05-13 18.22.50


14 months in the ‘ole ’14


14 months…. toddler time all the way. The last month has been an epic leap from babyland to mini human (or toddler). Running, jumping, climbing, more climbing, falling, more falling, but never crawling, Molly is in full locomotion. Singing, screaming, chatting, “bow wow wow”, “apples!”, “UP DOWN”, “Elmo!”, Molly is also in full vocab expansion mode. At first I thought she was merely parroting sounds but she absolutely knows that when you point at an apple one should declare “ABBLE!” This also means it’s now time for the adults to watch the potty mouth around the house. Swear jar here we come!

One thing that has been not so epic is that Molly seems to have regressed in sleeping habits. I don’t really feel like we have changed our approach but she now needs to scream at the top of her lungs for 15 – 20 minutes before falling asleep. It seems like we have gone backwards in time to when she was around 4 months and refused to be put down without constant attention. Our hope is that this is merely a matter of some serious teething. Molly now has a near complete set of chompers that are capable of tackling bacon, corn on the cob (probably the cutest thing ever to watch), Dad’s fingers and nose, and large plastic items (kidding… maybe). Now with 12+ teeth we can say that we are more than 50% done with teething which is a reassuring tidbit. Here’s a tip of the wine glass to that tidbit meaning silent nights in all of our futures.

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